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[USA] Loeria 7.7 REALMAP 100% Complete - Início 9/12

loaria tibia classic oldschool realots cipsoft realmap

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Postado 05 December 2016 - 06:15




An oldschool community running on protocol 7.72 with no modifications besides double experience rate, 100% complete.

We want to annouce the launch of our second (of hopefully more to come in the future) server called Lunera being hosted within the community.

Entre aqui ou Registre-se aqui para ver este link!


Entre aqui ou Registre-se aqui para ver este link!

Hosted: USA, dedicated server
Map: CipSoft 7.72 [realmap]
Client: Modified - 7.72
Uptime: 24/7
Experience: 2
Server type: Regular PVP
Each and every account that is created before the launch will receive 14 days of premium account status.
There will be no resets of this server. We are here to stay!
Balancing changes:
Paladin Changes:
  • Light bolts - Weigh less (60oz/100) 5 more atk than regular bolts - 6 gold per bolt, buyable at Dario, Ankrahmun
  • Distance Rings - Lootable from hunters & heros - Yields 5 distance skill upon wielding
  • Light crossbow - Weigh 5oz, has 7 range (regular has 5) - Costs 20.000 gold coins from Edoch, Darashia
Knight Changes:
  • All weapons that has 30 attack or higher now have an increased attackvalue of 3 (fire sword 38atk, fire axe 41atk etc)
  • Knights may learn intense healing (exura gran)
  • All rings give 5 skill instead of 4.
  • Black Knight drops ring of power - light aura & 4 shielding skill
  • Dwarf Guard drops ring of power - light aura & 3 shielding skill
  • Demon Skeleton drops ring of power - light aura & 2 shielding skill
  • Cyclops drops light shovel - Weigh 15oz
  • Soft Boots buyable from Tandros(Port Hope) - 750.000 gold coins and repairable at Aldo for 10.000 gold coins.
I will be streaming gameplay every now and then - Broadcast videos are posted after every stream:

Entre aqui ou Registre-se aqui para ver este link!

Entre aqui ou Registre-se aqui para ver este link!

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