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      Regras Divulgação de Servidores   12-05-2015

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Masteusz    1

As you can see, FaniaOTS came back and delights Tibia players with its uniqueness again. All bugs and problems please report to me:

At the beginning I would like to tell few words about our server history. Server was created 8 years ago and was running for 3 years. People loved it. It is now a time for reactivation.

IP: , ACC Maker: FaniaOTS RPG - Latest News
Login Port: 7171
Server type: RPG, PVP

PvP from 50 level!

About OT Server
This project was planned for Tibia 8.60. You will find here many unique custom and many known from RL Tibia quests. Every player starts his game at Rookgaard (so called The Beginner Island). Thanks to 35x multiplier at levels 1 to 8 it will be easy to do thing for less patient.

In temple of Oxenfurt (main city) you will find teleport to Training Monks. However, be careful, using bots with anti-idle will end with banishment (you will be notified earlier that you have to turn bot off though).

We also introduced anti-bot system, that detects and bans Cave-bots. We want a game without them - especially when they gain experience in not a honest way.

Many quests wait to be solved. The most known are:

  • Missions for killing monsters - Kip-San in Oxenfurt
  • Pits of Inferno
  • Annihilator
  • Demon Oak
  • Yalahar Quest
  • Inquisition Quest
  • Helmet of the Ancients Quest
  • Postman Quest
  • Banshee Quest
  • Svargrond Arenas in Poviss City (with additional difficulty).
Soon we will introduce a system that allow players to fight with each other for Tibia Gold, items or something else.

In Oxenfurt City you will find NPC Diglamjus, which sells tickets for lottery (4 numbers 1-20).

System PvP
PvP since 50 level.

Black skull - 14 days
Red skull - 7 days

Unjustified kills for skulls.
Skull - Daily - Weekly - Monthly
Red Skull - 3 - 5 - 10
Black Skull - 6 - 10 - 20

In main city there is NoN-PvP

Limit PvP Level: 50. ;)

The Beginner Island
Yes, we have added newbie island called Rookgaard. This is an island for new players. There are many monsters, difficult quests! Just for Rookstayers we have prepared very difficult missions, solved by no one tasks. This is a part that will surprise you the most! =)

Rookgaard Minimap:

Addon system
Our team decided not to change anything in an add on system. This means we keep RPG RL style adding system. Random boss raids will deliver you necessary items. In Oxenfurt and at the Beginner Island you will find NPC Nox that is giving addons for most skilled players. Every full add on outfit will give you bonuses - other for every outfit.

Experience rates:

PvP World:
Skill: 10 times faster
Magia: 10 times faster
Level 1 to 8 - 35x
Level 9 to 20 - 12x
Level 21 to 40 - 10x
Level 41 to 99 - 7x
Level 100+ - 5x
Just for you we have prepared some photos of FaniaOTS territories:










Annihilator FinalRoom:


Depo - Oxenfurt:


Helmet Of The Ancient's Quest(entrance):


Inquisition Quest:


Final Room Inquisition Quest:


Bank at Rookgaard:


Temple Oxenfurt:


FinalRoom Yalahar Quest:


We are going to enlarge our map and add new unique scripts from time to time. The world of Fania is very big - and waits to be explored!

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constantine    31

Well done, buddy!

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Elver Maguh    116
Elver Maguh

auto-border mandou um abraço

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Majesty    143

The server seems to be the same as any other that promises RPG and the map looks good but is overdone in the details, auto-border and respawn of the monsters.



This part of the map is interesting but is overdone too. Why did you make a innaccessible room with a Earth Elemental? It makes no sense.






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Masteusz    1

I know your point. This is part of the quest- wall can be removed. I know some autoborder can be annoying, but we decided to focus on quests- map is not that bad anyway, it's pretty cool imho.


I decided to work on anti-bot systems- focusing on Cave-Bot.

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Masteusz    1

We deicided to transform current game world to fun server (high rates up to 180lvl, then 3x). New server will be like old one, but with given starting date and fixed all problems which occurred during this one.


Server will start 10.03.2017 - you are welcome.

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