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PVP [8.60] NOOBWAR.NET - best low level war ots

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GM Blade

we would like to introduce you an epic server, which used to be very popular - NOOBWAR!

For people who didn't have the pleasure to play on it yet - this is a low-level-war server where you start with level 13, experience for monsters is very low (from 0.4x at level 13 to 0.02x at level 55) because the server is all about low-level fights. Since this is a war server, there is no skull system and you get experience for killing another players (if they have bigger, equal or minimally lower level than you).

A few years of break after the last edition of this type of server disposed us to reactivate it in a brand-new, refined like never before release. Last few weeks we have spent on eliminating all the "bugs" and creating an extraordinary balance of vocations, so everyone of you will be able to become the legend of the server playing your favourite profession :)

We also took care of sufficient dedicated server with parameters which let it hold on over 1000 players without any lags. Server is protected against DDoS attacks.

We are giving the server parameters below.

IP: noobwar.net
Port: 7171
Client: 8.60
fanpage: facebook.com/noobwarnet

Exp stages:
1 - 20 level, 0.4x
21 - 25 level, 0.35x
26 - 30 level, 0.3x
31 - 35 level, 0.25x
36 - 40 level, 0.2x
41 - 45 level, 0.15x
46 - 50 level, 0.1x
51 - 55 level, 0.05x
56+ level, 0.02x

Exp from players: 8x
Skill rate: 10x
Magic rate: 5x
Loot rate: 0.1x

You get an item called Marijuana for killing any of players. 100 Marijuanas you can exchange at NPC Rasta in the temple into 25 green eggs. One egg gives 300 exp (if you have level between 13-40) or 100 exp (for levels 41-54). 100 green eggs you can exchange into 1 violet egg, which gives 30000 exp (for levels 13-40) or 10000 exp (for levels 41-54). From level 55, eggs are no longer giving exp and the only way to get experience is by killing monsters or another players which level is equal at least 90% of our level.

Every vocation unlocks a special spell on level 55. Here is the list of them:
for MS: "exevo gran mas vis" - the strongest spell in the game, it is around 2x stronger than "exevo gran mas flam" which you can use from level 25
for ED: "exevo gran mas tera" - has 85% of "exevo gran mas vis" power and it is around 2x stronger than "exevo gran mas frigo" which you can use from level 25
for RP: "exori gran con" - 2x stronger version of "exori con", which in combo with "utito tempo san" and a spear hit is made for nuking another players (killing them on one-shot)
for EK: "exori gran" - 2x stronger version of "exori", similarly as in case of paladin, it is good to use it with "utito tempo" enabled

You will be able to check all available spells in the game by a command "!spells"






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