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PVP [Einera 7.4] [Br] [Oct/7]

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Dear Otserv Br members,

After many hours of work invested in carrying out this project, we can finally announce that the time for fun has arrived. Thanks to an optimal work by the members of our team, we have reached a totally satisfactory final result.
Einera is a project based on that "Tibia" that many of us look longingly at, and that's why our mission is to revive that feeling.
This is why we introduce Einera:

[World configuration]:
-Host in Sao Paulo (Brazil),
-RPG Low-rate 7.4 Realmap server
-Custom and Optimized Client (DX9 & OpenGL)
-Anti-bot & Dll Injection protected
-PVP-Enforced (Experience by killing players)
-Automatic database backup

[Experience stage]:
1. Stage : Level 1 to 8 : 10x
2. Stage : Level 9 to 20 : 8x
3. Stage : Level 21 to 30 : 7x
4. Stage : Level 31 to 40 : 6x
5. Stage : Level 41 to 50 : 5x
6. Stage : Level 51 to 60 : 4x
7. Stage : Level 61 to 70 : 3x
8. Stage : Level 71 to 80 : 2x
9. Stage : Level 81 to 100 : 1.5x
10. Stage : Level 101 to 999 : 1x

[Game Configuration]:
-Loot rate: 2x
-Magic rate: 2x
-Skill rate: 4x

[Battle Configuration]:
-Frags to Red Skull: 4
-Frags to Ban: 8
-Frag duration: 12h
-Unjustified player killing ban time: 7 days.
-Final ban time: 30 days.
-Red skull disappear when all frags gone.

-Modified speed formula
-Smooth rune aiming
-Expshare & Vocation Hunt
-Instant travel "bring me to"
-Properly oldchool UHTrap
-Advanced Task system
-Live Cast system (Cast gives you 10% more exp if you enable it without password),
-Cam system
-Backpack setup save system (Saves your open backpack when you logout)
-Guild war system,
-Battlefield Event
-Rashid npc travels between cities
-Blessing system
-All spells, promotion and travelling by boat aviable for free accounts
-Premium account gives 10% experience and Rashid access (You need postman too)
-Make runes from backpack
-Conjured runes & ammo (2x)
-All rune & potion Npcs sells bp blank rune, bp mana fluid and life rings
-Change your currency (Gold, Plat & Crystal coins) with one click

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