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PVP [France][Custom/8.0] DevlandOT | best karmia | no sms shop | RPG&FUN

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Launch date:

12.06, Friday AT 18:00 CET


DevlandOT informations:

DevlandOT is a non-profit project, 100% free to play which is a mid-rate RPG server created in cooperation with players for the Tibia Client 8.0. This is a server for RPG players, but also for PVP players who seek for a PK fun.

Our vision and goal is to recreate the old good days of this game and provide a stable and long-term server built on our beloved & unique Karmia's map.


Website: Devlandot.eu

Custom map: World Preview

Custom client: DevlandOT Client

Hosting: France, Europe

Discord: Join us on Discord


Unique features: Money/Exp Tasks | Daily tasks | Autoloot | Boost points


Check also: Beginner's Guide - SOON | DevlandOT Wiki | Server information


Experience stages:
7-20 x6
21-40 x5
41-60 x4
61-80 x3
81+ x2

Skill rate: x4
Magic rate: x2

Loot rate: x2
Regeneration: x2
Soul ticks: x2


100% free to play 8.0 mechanics & exhaust
Stackable runes & mfs Shared hunting
Custom RPG quests Monsters from newer Tibia
Advanced Tasks Daily Tasks
Cast system (5% more exp) Guild war system
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Less then 6 hours to start, DevlandOT client download link has been updated!


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Dear Players,

Last time I didn't have enough time to write about previous path notes and I am very sorry about that.

But you can always follow our changelog, which I try to keep up to date. Below changes from past few days:


  • Several map bug fixes
  • Training ground update
  • Added Swamp Island on Roantah
  • Added Undead Island (req. key to doors from quest)
  • Improved few spawns on several hunting areas


  • Fixed Grizzly Adams monster count in party
  • Fixed Bellegar bug with exp/loot vouchers
  • Increased prices for all boost point vouchers
  • Better loot voucher boost handling
  • Add soul, stamina and boost points vouchers
  • Adjusted loot and/or damages in several monsters (hydra, black knight, vampire, serpent spawn, frost dragons, warlock, demon)
  • Fixed loot from bosses which had bag
  • Reverted penalty at Training ground to -50%
  • Fixed access to Demon Island
  • Fixed chests with Tier 3 Arena Weapons

Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team

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