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PVP Underewar.com.br [12.60] Global Completo

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We've had thousands of map fixes, monsters, bosses and systems, we'll list below.
Correction in imbuements.
Fix soulfull legs atributes.
Fix ondecay bug.
All Grave Danger mini bosses have been deployed with 100% levers.
Boss King Zelos installation.
Fix sensitive loot.
Fix death lost percent.
A new system that does not allow to move body within body.
A new system that does not allow you to place decayed items inside the depot.
Fix decay on reward chest.
Loot correction of Grave Danger bosses.
Fixed that issue that most bosses gave nothing owner.
VERSION 12.60.10
We review the loots of all bosses.
New warnings in Blue login
Fixed the Dreamer Challenger
Now several Npcs Captain offer hi-kick-yes / to avoid traps at boat exits
Boss Glooth Fairy fixed
Halloween Event
Update on Yasir
Final Boss of the Library released The Scourge of Oblivion
Launch of the werehyenas area in Darashia
Firewalker Boots released 100%
We fixed the online training room
We removed some monsters from prey



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-Bestiary charm runes.
-Reflect/heal system by elements.
If you find any bug on it, please leave a comment below, if you know any system that uses the old lua bestiary table and i didnt changed it, please tell me so i can fix it.

Damage reflection monsters lists/percentage comes from this list:

  1. Added new spells from the 12.6 version Included icons unused
  2. Added quiver
  3. Now knights can use strong and paladins can use great mana potion
  4. Moved spells to their respective secondary spell group

Fix summons & familiars

- [X] Changed storage name
- [X] Fixed event 'onLook'
- [X] Added missing line : by @hyresu 
- [X] Fixed familiars disappearing
- [X] Player can attack his familiar / summon
- [X] Fixed event 'onDeath'
- [X] Disappearance communication
- [X] Familiars fly in front of player: by  - @hyresu 
- [X] Summons with targetdistance running - by  @hyresu
- [X] Fixed Dawnport crash @hyresu 
- [X] Fixed Avoid unnecessary heap allocations in function "ProtocolGame::sendOutfitWindow()"by  - @SaiyansKing 
- [X] Fixed: `he gets trapped by monsters the summon disappear`

  1. Reworked fury gates as mini world change.
  2. Added a map file for each city gate.
  3. Random gate loading at server startup, removing items like 'plants' that match firefields/ashes coordinates. Corrected ashes over firefields, now below them.
  4. Added missing Port Hope gate.
  5. Corrected some wrong gates, firefields, ashes coodinates. NPCs
  6. Added Falonzo transcripts.
  7. Added Towncryer ability to inform about
  8. active mini world changes.Im
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