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Mapping RME 12.X failing to load metadata


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12.X RME from the Tool git

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There seems to be an error when loading transparent compiled dat/spr, I placed the tibia.otfi in the client data folder but when it loads up with those options the RME just gets stuck on loading metadata eventually going unresponsive. If I load everything normally without the transparent compiled data files and no otfi file it opens just fine without error, I just wanna use transparency for custom mapping and use the most recent sprites with transparent water. Any help is appreciated.



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Majesty    1,755

- The client data is extended, so you just need to enable Transparency:


- Load the sprites (.dat and .spr) in Object Builder.

- Use the option "Compile as..." or "Ctrl + Shift + S", check Transparency option and Confirm. 

- Use the Tibia.otfi with the options:

  extended: true
  transparency: true
  frame-durations: true
  frame-groups: true
  metadata-file: Tibia.dat
  sprites-file: Tibia.spr

- Place Tibia.otfi in RME/tools and a Tibia.otfi in client data (.dat and .spr) folder. 

- After that, when you use Object Builder again, remember to check Transparency option to load the sprites.

I tested here and RME worked fine.

PS: full answer if anyone else needs it.

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