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Infraestrutura Character List Loads but Server Doesn't Connect


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I've gone through the tutorial for building the server with nginx and have the site up and running, I can create accounts/characters no problem and they get updated in the DB. 


I have this running on a virtual server on my PC, it feels like I missed a step but I followed the setup guide and read through a bunch of forums so I'm still not sure what I am missing. 

The client i'm using is the 12 client from the download section on the site I updated my local host file on my windows pc accessing the server to let me redirect my traffic for the client to work...    test1.com




I've opened the doors! 

Status: active

To                         Action      From
--                         ------      ----
Nginx Full                 ALLOW       Anywhere
22/tcp                     ALLOW       Anywhere
7171/tcp                   ALLOW       Anywhere
7172/tcp                   ALLOW       Anywhere
8245/tcp                   ALLOW       Anywhere

What's your question?

What would be stopping me from actually loading the game when the characters and the Database all seem to be working as expected? 


Do you have the code available? If you have, post it in the code box inside the spoiler below:


ip = ""
bindOnlyGlobalAddress = false
loginProtocolPort = 7171
gameProtocolPort = 7172
statusProtocolPort = 7171
maxPlayers = 0
motd = "Bem vindo ao OTServBR-Global!"
onePlayerOnlinePerAccount = true
allowClones = false
serverName = "Tibia_Ot"
statusTimeout = 5 * 1000
replaceKickOnLogin = true
maxPacketsPerSecond = 25
maxItem = 2000
maxContainer = 100


-- MySQL
mysqlHost = ""
mysqlUser = "omitted"
mysqlPass = "omitted!"
mysqlDatabase = "Tibia_Ot"
mysqlPort = 3306
mysqlSock = ""






Do you have an image that can help with the problem? If yes, attach it inside the spoiler below:






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Comcast Blocks most non-standard ports.... that was the issue

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