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    Tibia 11+ Downgrade tool

    Hey guys! This is a simple tool to convert client 11+ to outdated client 10.00 Tibia.dat & Tibia.spr Features: Export sprites sheet to .png Slice all sheets to 32X32 .png Convert sprites sheet to Tibia.spr Convert appearances file to Tibia.dat Know Issues: Application is really slow like 20 minutes on a good computer Missing Equip flags (if anyone knows how tibia 11 handle this I would be more than happy to edit this) Codes are really messy Requirements: Net Framework 4.7.2 How to use: -Run the application and select assets folder should be AppData\Local\Tibia\packages\Tibia\assets -Select the output directory -Check slice sheets to slice all sprites to .png or Check export .spr and click Export sheets -And of course, Export dat to export Tibia.dat -Sources can be found HERE You can also download a converted client from latest 12.15 from HERE Credits a big part of the codes copied from other released applications, so most of it goes to: jo3bingham EdMignari Summ gpedro Download: [Hidden Content]
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    [OTServBR-Global][MyAAC] login.php para Tibia 11

    [OTServBR-Global][MyAAC] login.php para Tibia 11 Este plugin permite que você use novos recursos de login.php do cliente Tibia 11 e superior. Este plugin inclui o arquivo login.php, que será extraído para o diretório de instalação principal após a instalação. Plugin utilizado para conectar ao servidor OTServBR-Global com MyAAC. 1 - Como instalar: Vá para o Painel de Administração, selecione 'Plugins' e, em seguida, selecione otservbr-global-myaac-tibia11-login.zip e clique em upload. Isso é tudo! 2 - Download: otservbr-global-myaac-tibia11-login.zip Scan: [Hidden Content] 3 - Créditos slawkens fear lucien gpedro
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    [OTServBR-Global] Cliente Tibia 11.44 (Sprites até 12.15)

    Cliente Tibia 11.44 (Sprites até 12.15) Cliente Tibia 11.44 com sprites até 12.15. Download do cliente Tibia 11 que é utilizado para acessar o OTServBR-Global. Observação: items sem nome no market. Cliente 11.44.5516: Download: [Hidden Content] Scan: [Hidden Content] Créditos: Cipsoft (Cliente Tibia 11) Majesty (Configuração Cliente 11 + Sprites 12.15)
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    Novo Projeto open tibia list

    Olá a todos! Falo espanhol e meu português é ruim XD Por isso vou escrever em inglês I'd like to contribute all the Open Tibia the community with this project I've been working on for a while: [Hidden Content] Basically it's a new alternative to publish your opentibia server or find your perfect fit with a very smart and simple search box. You can actually search things like "brazil pvp 8.6" I developed this site from scratch using some cool Bootstrap features and the Laravel PHP Framework. It's completely free and absolutely new (like there is just 1 OT published lol) but I hope it becomes a strong tool for every open tibia player and developer. Kind regards! pd. I'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right board. I'm not actually advertising any server. If any moderator wants to move this thread to another board, you are welcome. Obrigado!!!
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    Ao da use sem ser o item da tabela da error

    Solução por @Jepart Substituir: if target.itemid == stone[target.itemid].id then Por: if isInArray(stone[stoneid],target.itemid) then
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    Cliente Tibia 11.49.5884

    Cliente Tibia 11.49.5884 Download de cliente Tibia 11.49.5884 que é utilizado para acessar o OTXServer 3.10. O caminho do cliente 11 é packages/Tibia/bin/client.exe. Nesta lista contém o cliente original e o configurado para localhost. Caso queira trocar o IP, segue abaixo 2 opções: Cliente 11.49.5884: Download - original: [Hidden Content] Download - localhost (editado com Notepad++): [Hidden Content] Scan - original: [Hidden Content] Scan - localhost: [Hidden Content] Créditos Cipsoft (Cliente original) Majesty (Configuração localhost)
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    [OTServBR-Global] Cliente Tibia 10 / Cliente Tibia 11

    [OTServBR-Global] Cliente Tibia 10 / Cliente Tibia 11 Downloads de Cliente Tibia 10 / Cliente Tibia 11 que são utilizados para acessar o OTServBR-Global. Cliente Tibia 10: [Hidden Content] IP Changer: [Hidden Content] Obs: utilize o IP Changer somente com o Cliente Tibia 10. Cliente Tibia 11: Créditos Cipsoft (Cliente Tibia 10, Cliente Tibia 11) OTLand (IP Changer)
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