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Found 2 results

  1. Launch date: 12.06, Friday AT 18:00 CET DevlandOT informations: DevlandOT is a non-profit project, 100% free to play which is a mid-rate RPG server created in cooperation with players for the Tibia Client 8.0. This is a server for RPG players, but also for PVP players who seek for a PK fun. Our vision and goal is to recreate the old good days of this game and provide a stable and long-term server built on our beloved & unique Karmia's map. Website: Devlandot.eu Custom map: World Preview Custom client: DevlandOT Client Hosting: France, Europe Discord: Join us on Discord Unique features: Money/Exp Tasks | Daily tasks | Autoloot | Boost points Check also: Beginner's Guide - SOON | DevlandOT Wiki | Server information Experience stages: 7-20 x6 21-40 x5 41-60 x4 61-80 x3 81+ x2 Skills: Skill rate: x4 Magic rate: x2 Others: Loot rate: x2 Regeneration: x2 Soul ticks: x2 Gameplay: 100% free to play 8.0 mechanics & exhaust Stackable runes & mfs Shared hunting Custom RPG quests Monsters from newer Tibia Advanced Tasks Daily Tasks Cast system (5% more exp) Guild war system
  2. As an old-school players and OTS creators which recently came back to Tibia after years of break, We've finally found free time, motivation and dedication to come back and realize our idea which we had since really long time. Idea is a high quality non-profit server for people which enjoy retro gameplay together with amazing atmosphere. Our vision and goal is to provide a stable and long-term server 8.0 with our beloved Karmia map. As DevlandOT we will try to recreate the old good days of this game, making the server 100% free, made from the bottom of heart Connection information:Website: [Hidden Content]: [Hidden Content] Discord: [Hidden Content] stages: 1 20 12 21 30 10 31 40 8 41 60 6 61 80 5 81 140 4 141 + 3 Other settings: Skill Rate 3x Magic Rate 6x Loot Rate 2x Regeneration 2x