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Found 1 result

  1. Before asking your question, make sure you have read the rules in the section and the guide below: https://forums.otserv.com.br/index.php?/forums/topic/168583-regras-da-seção/ https://forums.otserv.com.br/index.php?/forums/topic/165121-como-fazer-uma-pergunta-ou-o-grande-guia-do-User-com-dúvidas/ Describe in a few words the base used. (Server name / Client name / Website name / etc.). OTServBR-Global 12.x (https://github.com/opentibiabr/OTServBR-Global) Znote Acc Maker (Latest Version) (https://github.com/Znote/ZnoteAAC) Base: Using latest AppVeyor build and datapack from Github. I understand that you get blessings if you are lower than level 20 (Adventurers Blessings) But i have tested at level 50-100 and up Death by Monsters (No Bless) = Not Dropping Backpack/Or Equipment Death by PVP (No Bless) = Not Dropping Backpack/Or Equipment RED SKULL Death (No Bless) = Not Dropping Backpack/Or Equipment BLACK SKULL Death (No Bless) = Not Dropping Backpack/ Or Equipment Yes my config.lua is set to PVP on World Type. Yes players are loosing blessings upon death. Yes i am able to see blessings in myPhpAdmin database. What's your question? Is there something bugged in the sources of the build? Or is the Library for blessings bugged? I have tried editing the Droploot.lua file to regular instead of the blessings lib. But still no change Do you have the code available? If you have, post it in the code box inside the spoiler below: Current: data\modules\scripts\blessings\blessings.lua Current: data\creaturescripts\scripts\others\droploot.lua I tried replacing droploot.lua with: But still not working, noone is loosing items upon death with no blessings.